"Since using GoverLAN our new I.T. techs have been able to create, setup, and modify user accounts with very little training.  A small investment of time to show them GoverLAN is paid back many times over by the amount of work that our normal techs can do on the network.  Before, we had to use our extremely limited Network Admin's time to do these jobs.  Now, we can allow our technicians to setup accounts, correct password problems, etc.  Your product has paid for itself in just one day's use.  Thanks for a great product."

Cape Canaveral Air Station, Florida 
Ted Hackler Jr., Network Supervisor

"We were always looking for a good and complete network management tool to do remote administration and troubleshooting, but where to find it? So we searched the whole web and found GoverLAN from PJ Technologies.  We found it very interesting and downloaded the demo version.  I was immediately impressed about the features of this tool.  What also impressed us was the prompt and professional help they give you in case of any problems or questions you have.  Another positive point is their great interest in your opinion about the product, and which features you think are missing so that they can add them in further releases.  Before I had GoverLAN, I often had to run around for more than two hours per day in the whole building or in our second location, which is 50 km away to do troubleshooting or other administrative work.  Now, I do the same in fifteen minutes from my own desk."

Mercedes-Benz Luxembourg S.A.
Alain Schneider, Network Manager

"GoverLAN, for a medium sized WAN like I have, is a cost effective easily deployable management tool that cannot be beat. Windows 2000 and the Active Directory allows some management functionality but incorporated with GoverLAN you have basically the robustness of products like Citrix Metaframe and HP Openview. My superiors and I are extremely impressed and I congratulate you on a superb product and outstanding technical support. We have a native Windows 2000 environment from the servers to the desktop/laptops and this is the way I intend on managing my remote users who are in various states. I also employ a VPN solution which GoverLAN also allows me domain control on the fly. Thanks."

Pollock Paper Distributors
Stephen Pullum, Network Administrator

"We couldn't be happier.  We have found your tool to be extremely useful and would recommend it to anyone running a NT network.  I have even discovered ways to add printers and network drives on non-domain PC's across our WAN.  The features built into the software, i.e. access to the user information and previously logged on workstations couldn't be more useful.  You have come up with a very helpful product.  It has made the support teams job a lot easier. The processes function is incredibly useful.  There isn't one part of the application that I haven't found beneficial.  Another bonus is that the client part of the software can be pushed across the network.  I look forward to future releases."

AIC Limited - Canada
Mike Bowles, MCP, CNA, Network Analyst

"GoverLAN has quickly proven to be a necessary tool in network administration.  Our company has offices that are spread out over multiple floors of a large building. GoverLAN has greatly reduced the time required to diagnose and fix many problems by allowing us to work remotely from our desks (or though VPN) instead of running around the building to the workstations.  The collection of tools has made all administrators in my department more efficient.  GoverLAN has paid for itself in one month."

NB Tel Global - Canada
Steven G. Driscoll, Technical Specialist, E.I.T.

"No serious NT administrator should be without GoverLAN.  We have SMS 2.0 also, but find that GoverLAN offers many of the same centralized administration tools in an interface that's faster and easier to use. GoverLAN saves my staff a lot of leg time and allows us to function at peak efficiency. And you can't beat the price. It's a fantastic value."

University of Arkansas
Pete Campbell, MCSE, IT Manager

"I run the computer department at Alembik, Fine & Callner, P.A., a law firm in Atlanta, GA.  My responsibilities are simple, I must insure that all our servers and workstations be kept up-to-date and in proper operating condition. I have found GoverLAN to be helpful in this task. I combine several of the utilities that are found in Windows NT and the Resource Kit and makes them available in one location. Instead of having to remember which program does what, I simply use GoverLAN and everything is there at my fingertips. It is great for quickly and easily getting information about all the workstations in my network without having to leave my office. It's a great tool for the price."

Alembik, Fine & Callner - Georgia
David Dorrough, Manager of Information Systems
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