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GoverLAN Remote Control - an Enterprise Class Solution
    The GoverLAN Remote Control feature has been completely revised and updated to provide you with the best performance possible.

Top Performance
GoverLAN Remote Control 2002 will be fast ! When running on a standard LAN it will feel like being on the remote machine itself.

Low Resource Consumption
Very little resources will be consumed during a remote control session. GoverLAN uses a real time compression algorithm to reduce data sent during a remote control session. In addition, a new event based Update Server has been implemented reducing the client CPU usage to less than 5% on average, or near 0% when the client is idle.

Bandwidth Sensitive Connection
GoverLAN Remote Control 2002 introduces a set of connection options to take into consideration the available bandwidth. GoverLAN 2002 will allow you to configure an optimal remote control session over a slow connection.

Clipboard Transfer
Copy text from your local machine and paste it into an application running on a remote machine, or vice versa.

Disable the Remote Keyboard and Mouse
If you need to fully take over the remote machine, GoverLAN 2002 will be able to disable the remote machine's keyboard and mouse during the remote control session.


Reporting, Reporting, Reporting...
    GoverLAN provides a large set of valuable information about users, machines and other objects. GoverLAN 2002 will be primarily focused on offering improved reporting features for a large set of objects.

Report Manager
A Report Manager will allow you to execute pre-configured reports at the domain level. If you do not find a pre-configured report which meets your needs, you will be able to configure your own using the Report Scripter (see below).

Report Scripter
If none of the pre-configured reports meets your needs, GoverLAN 2002 will allow you to create your own customized report using the Report Scripter.

GoverLAN Command Line
A GoverLAN command line utility will be available to extend GoverLAN's functionality into scripting or batching.


More Administrative & Support Features
    GoverLAN 2002 will provide you with new administrative features such as creating / deleting / moving objects, joining new machines to a domain and others. New support features will be added as well, such as software inventory.


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